B造skawica (Lighting) is a Polish submachine gun designed by Wac豉w Zawrotny and Seweryn Wielanier for Armia Krajowa (Home Army). B造skawica submachine gun idea was created by Wac豉w Zawrotny, but before start work on weapon, Wac豉w Zawrotny meet Seweryn Wielanier, former designer in "Pocisk" Ammunition Factory and director in "Florian Jachnikowski" tool factory. Gun based on STEN submachine gun, but overall design based on MP.40 submachine gun. Blueprints was made beetwen January 1943 and April 1943. First official test shooting from B造skawica submachine gun take a place in Theatral Place (Plac Teatralny) in Warsaw in 1943r. Test was organised by Ryszard Bia這stocki, weapon was evaluated by colonel Emil "Nil" Fieldorf and chief of underground production, engineer Witold Gokiel. During test on Theatral Place, shooter fired long burst from B造skawica submachine gun to the air, and test group get out from Theatral Place. Test take a place during a day, and Theatral Place is a not closed place. Test was passed, and in 1943 was made mass production dokumentation. B造skawica production start in November 1943 and was ended during Warsaw Uprising.
B造skawica is a blowback operated weapon, which fired from open bolt. Submachine gun is a not equipped with bolt stop catch. On bolt sides was located horizontal grooves which produces better reliability. On left side of receiver exist horizontal cut for charging handle, which moved during shooting. Charging handle is mounted to bolt by dovetail and screw. Ejector exist on magazine well. Gun is equipped with rear part of receiver mounted on screw. On rear part of receiver was mounted tube with one of two recoil springs. Around tube was mounted second of two recoil springs. Gun has fixed firing pin on bolt face and trigger mechanism only for full auto. On front of trigger, in trigger guard, was mounted safety which look like trigger. If finger is placed before trigger and safety, finger engage safety, and gun was ready to fire. Safety lock trigger. Weapon fired 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. Gun is feed from double column single feed box magazine for 32 rounds, weapon can be feed from STEN magazine. Magazine well was located under receiver, front of pistol grip. Magazine latch was located under receiver, beetwen magazine well and trigger guard. Around barrel exist alluminium jacket with cuts. Gun is equipped with steel folding stock and pistol grip. On stock plate exist vertical cuts which look like to lighting. Cuts look like to lighting because lighting symbol was used in "Elektrik" cooker. Weapon is equipped with front sight mounted on barrel and peep style rear sight located on part which was mount to trigger group. Most part of gun was mounted on screw.
B造skawica design
B造skawica today
Today 5 B造skawica submachine guns exist in Polish Military Museum (Muzeum Wojska Polskiego) in Warsaw. In addiction in Polish Military Museum exist tools which was used to B造skawica production and receiver, barrel from B造skawica. One B造skawica submachine gun can be found in Polish criminal laboratory in Warsaw and in Czech Museum in Paha. Polish collectors have 2 B造skawica submachine guns. B造skawica from Polish cryminal laboratory can work.
B造skawica summary
B造skawica is a small submachine gun which was designed in better overral design than STEN. Weapon is equipped with better ejector than British submachine gun. Horizontal grooves on bolt produces better reliability. In other hand, weapon is equipped with not good sights, gun not have safety which lock bolt, and field stripped of this gun is not simply. In few opinions alluminium jacket around barrel is not strong. Jacket was made from alluminium because alluminium is better than steel in proof for high temperature, but Polish resistance don't have many ammunition for long rapid fire. B造skawica is a good submachine gun in comparision with other resistance made submachine guns. Propably 700 B造skawica submachine guns were made, in few opinions B造skawica is a first Polish mass production submachine gun. In other opinions first Polish mass production submachine guns is a PM-63 RAK which was entered to use in 1965.
barrel lenght
730mm with unfolded

556 with folded stock
3.22kg without magazine
double column 32 rounds
rate of fire
550 rpm