KOP-1 is a Polish submachine gun which was designed in late 90ties in Polish Military Technical Academy as element of master thesis under Ryszard Wójcik. Gun based on Polish 5.45mm Carbine Model 88 "Tantal" (stamped receiver, trigger mechanism, firing mechanism, stock, pistol grip, foreguard, upper handguard). KOP-1 is a blowback operated weapon which fired from closed bolt. Gun don't utylizes a bolt stop catch. Trigger mechanism has single shots, full auto and 3 round burst mode. SMG has firing mechanism with internal hammer. On right side of receiver is located AK style safety lever. Upper lever position is a safety mode ("Z" mark), lover lever position is a fire mode ("O" mark). On right side of receiver cover is located cut for empty case ejection, but charging handle is located on left side of receiver. Weapon in safety mode can be reloaded. On left side of receiver is located fire selector switch with upper set for full auto ("C" mark), lover set for 3 round burst ("S" mark), and intermediate set for single shots ("P" mark). KOP-1 use 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. Gun is fed from steel, double column magazines for 20 and 40 rounds. Magazine well is located under receiver, in front of pistol grip. Magazine catch lever is located under receiver, before pistol grip and trigger guard. Gun utylizes folding steel stock on right side if receiver. Pistol grip, foreguard, and upper handguard was mode from polymer. For field strip shooter must remove receiver cover. Weapon is equipped with rear sight mount on receiver. KOP-1 was not entered to mass production, but this gun is a element of a master thesis, and was not designed to mass production.
9x19mm Parabellum
barrel lenght
670mm with extended stock

490mm with colapsed stock
2,9kg without magazine
double column box for 20 and 40 rounds
rate of fire
685 rounds per minute
Photo from Polish Military Technical Academy. On the table: KOP-1 submachine gun, RGA-86 grenade launcher, Gward revelvers, Jantar, Beryl, Boż assault rifles