Mors wz. 39
9mm pistolet maszynowy Mors wzór 39 (9mm submachine gun Mors Model 39) is a Polish submachine gun designed by Piotr Wilniewczyc and Jan Skrzypiński. Mors mean deadth in latin. Work about weapon start in early 30ties, first prototype fired 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge, and was feed from double column box magazine for 24 rounds. Magazine well is located under receiver. First prototype fired 1200 rounds per minute and is a not accurate gun. Military Commision after comparision with other submachine guns (Kp/-31 Suomi, SIG Neuhausen, Thompson M1928, Erma EMP 35) rocommend modifing Mors submachine gun. In Military Commision opinion, the best submachine gun in comparision, was a Erma EMP 35. Mors was modified by Feliks Modzelewski and Jerzy Podsędowski. Modified Mors was be criticized for not good accuracy, high rate of fire (750 rounds per minute), magazine located in pistol grip, short barrel (210mm) and peep sight (Polish soldiers use open sight on pistols, rifles and machine guns). Mors was be criticized, but Polish Armor Vehicles Inspectorate was interested about Mors submachine guns, because Polish Army need weapon for armored vehicles crew.
Mors 2
After other modyfications was created Mors 2 submachine gun which exist in Model Nr 1 and Model Nr 2 versions. Mors Nr 1 is equipped with fire selector. Mors 2 have rear trigger for single fire and front trigger for full auto mode. Model Nr 1 was rejected, but work about Model Nr 2 was continuead. Model nr 2 submachine gun is equipped with 270mm barrel, front pistol grip located before magazine well and telescoping monopod in front pistol grip. Mors Nr 2 fired 600 rounds per minute. Front pistol grip with telescoping monopod based about similar device from VMP submachine gun (Erma EMP 35 prototype).
9mm Submachine Gun Mors Model 39
About Mors 2 submachine gun was designed Mors 3. Mors 3 was entered to use in Polish armed forces as 9mm pistolet maszynowy Mors wzór 39 (9mm Submachine Gun Mors Model 39). Mors is a blowback aperated gun, which fired from closed bolt. Gun has firing mechanism with fixed firing pin on bolt face. Weapon is equipped with pneumatic rate of fire reducer. On right side of receiver is located cut for charging handle which moving durung firing. In rear side of cut for chaarging handle was located vertical cut, if shooter locate charging handle in this cut, bolt was locked and weapon is in safety mode. Gun can not exist in safety mode if bolt stay in forward position, but this feature is common in submachine guns from 30ties. Mors is equipped with trigger mechanism with front trigger for single fire, and rear trigger for full auto mode. Gun fired 450 rounds per minute. Submachine gun fire 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. Gun is feed from double column box magazine for 24 rounds. Magazine well is located under front part of receiver. Gun is equipped with bolt stop cath. If magazine is empty, bolt was stopped in rear postion and magazine cath was released. After bolt was stopped in rear position, shooter can removed empty magazine and clamp loaded magazine. After was clamped loaded magazine shooter can shooting without additional manual operation. Loaded magazine can be removed from magazine well, but shooter must use small magazine latch located deep in foreguard, under receiver, before magazine well. Magazine latch is hard to use and magazine latch released is easier if shooter use small tool (coin in example). Weapon is equipped with removable barrel in steel jacket with cuts for better cooling. Barrel remove is not hard, but barrel mounting is not easy. Shooters not be equipped with additional barrels. Submachine gun have wooden stock with semi pistol grip. Under foreguard, before magazine well, was located front pistol grip with telescoping monopod. On barrel jacket is located open front sight, on rear part of receiver is located open rear sight. Rear sight is graduated from 100 meters to 800 meters with 100 meters intervals.
Mors monopod in AK
Front pistol grip with telescoping monopod from Mors was tested by Soviets in AK assault rifle. In few opinions front pistol grip was removed from Mors submachine gun (weapon with serial number 19) and this same front grip was mounted in AK assault rifle. In other opinion front pistol grip from Mors (serial number 19) was removed and tested, but front pistol grip with monopod in AK was designed by Soviets, which based on Mors front grip. Front pistol grip with monopod was not mounted on mass production Soviet weapon and, propably front grip not good work in Soviet tests.
Mors after WWII
Mors summary
Mors is a not simply submachine gun. Gun is equipped with pneumatic rate of fire reducer, telescoping monopod, removable barrel, two triggers, and device which release magazine if magazine is empty. By tests in Polish Military Academy pneumatic rate reducer in Erma EMP 35 is not effectivly, and propably not effectivly is device in Mors. In addiction pneumatic rate of fire reducer is complicated and noot reliably. Telescoping monopod is not useful, in few opinions shooting with this device produce worse accuracy than shooting without monopod. Other not useful device is removable barrel. Shooters not be equipped with additional barrels, and not have large ammunition number for barrel overheat. Trigger for single fire is not useful in weapon which fired low rate of fire (450 rounds per minute). Very complicated mechanism which release magazine is not useful because shooter must manually removed empty magazine. Mors submachine gun is to long for armed vehicles crew. Mors is not good weapon and propably without WWII gun was be removed from Polish Armed Forces or modified. Before WWII was produced 3 prototype Mors submachine guns for tests and 36 test series submachine guns.
After WWII in Poland not exist anyone Mors submachine gun. Polish Military Museum in Warsaw search Mors submachine gun from early 60ties, but in 1983 in Central Museum of Soviet Armed Forces (today Central Museum of Russion Armed Forces) was find 2 Mors submachine guns (serial number 38 and 39). In 80ties Mors submachine gun (serial number 38) was send from Soviets to Polish Military Museum. Other Mors submachine gun (serial number 19) exist in Artillery Museum in Sankt Petersburg. Weapon from Polish Military Museum is equipped with non oryginal barrel and non oryginal magazine. Weapon from Central Museum of Russian Armed Forces is not equipped with magazine. Weapon from Artillery Museum in Sankt Petersburg is not equipped with front pistol grip with telescoping monipod.
9x19mm Parabellum
barrel lenght
4.26kg without magazine

4.7kg with full load 24 rounds
24 rounds double column
fire mode
single shot and full auto
rate of fire
450 rpm
Erma EMP 35, the best weapon in Polish comparision