Rifles and Carbines
Before WWII Polish Army used following types of rifles and carbines: Rifle Model 98 (karabin wz. 98), Carbine Model 98 (karabinek wz. 98), and Carbine Model 29 (karabinek wz. 29). After WWII in 1947 production of Mosin 44 rifle commenced in Radom State Arsenal. Production of AK (AK-47) started there in 1952, and in 1957 AKS (AK with follding stock) was added to list of products at the Radom factory. Initially AK and AKS rifles in Polish Army were named pmK (Polish abbreviation of "pistolet maszynowy Kałasznikowa") meaning Kalashnikov Sub-machine Gun, but in the 60-ties pmK name was replaced with kbkAK standing for Carbine (system) AK. In 1968 production of AKM rifle had begun, and in 1972 AKMS rifle production has commenced in Radom State Arsenal. In Polish Army AKM was designated as kbkAKM, while AKMS designation code was kbkAKMS. (PMKM and PMKMS designation names are not correct, although commonly used). In 1991 Polish Tantal wz. 88 was accepted for service in Polish Armed Forces, and in 1997 Polish Beryl wz. 96 was introduced as a standard service weapon. Beryl wz. 96 was intended to completly replace aging AKM and AKMS systems, but they still remain in service to this day.