Machine guns
Before WWII Polish Army used following types of machine guns: rkm Browning wz.28 (Polish variation of M1918 BAR), ckm wz. 30 (Polish variation of M1917 Browning), Maxim wz.1910/28 (Russian Maxim rechambered for 7.92x57mm cartridge), and MG08. After WWII, the State Arsenal in Radom began manufacturing following machine guns: Soviet DP light machine gun and Soviet SG-43 medium machine gun in 1952, Soviet DT tank machine gun in 1953, DPM light machine gun in 1954, DTM tank machine gun in 1955, and Soviet SGMT tank machine gun in 1957. In addition in 1968 a production of Soviet PK general purpose machine gun started in Cegielski Metalworks in Poznan (Zaklady Przemyslu Metalowego "H. Cegielski"). Cegielski factory also manufactured Soviet PKM general purpose gun, PKT, and PKTM coaxial machine guns. In the early years of the 21st Century, Polish UKM-2000P general purpose machine gun, and UKM-2000C tank machine gun were introduced as a service standards, but many Soviet PKM and PKTM weapons still remain in use to this day.