After WWI Polish Armed Forces inherited many types of handguns previously used by occupying powers of Russia, Prussia and Austria. In 1936 Polish Vis pistol was accepted as a standard service sidearm in Poland. After WWII Soviet TT pistol was accepted for use in the Polish Army, and in January 1947 its production commenced in Radom State Arsenal. In 1964 Polish designed P-64 "CZAK" pistol replaced TT model as a standard service handgun. In 1983 Polish P-83 "Wanad" pistol was accepted for use in all branches of the army. P-64 and P-83 completly replaced the TT pistol. In 1998 newly designed "WIST" pistol was accepted for service in Polish Armed Forces. "WIST" was intended to completly replace aging P-64 and P-83 constructions, but some number of them still remain in service.